I’d like to send a tremendous THANK YOU to all of our supporters, volunteers, and the 10,670 voters who showed the importance of Strong Schools for All! As a first-time political candidate, this journey was an amazing experience. I’m so proud of our collective work to raise awareness of educational issues like creating just and equitable schools, reducing class sizes, truly supporting staff and respecting their expertise and professionalism, and protecting instruction in the fine arts, humanities, and world languages.

The hundreds of in-person conversations and thousands of people we’ve reached has brought home to me time and again just how deeply Madison values public education. I can’t give enough thanks to the 70+ volunteers who worked tirelessly, and to everyone who has been involved in the campaign. And I thank my opponents for a respectful, meaningful race.

To everyone who got involved, your work – our work – is not done. Our schools need you, and there is so much you can do:

  • staying aware of educational issues at the local, state, and national level;
  • following the work of the MMSD school board by attending meetings, reading public documents, speaking up on issues that are important to you;
  • advocating for funding and policies that will make schools strong for all students, including vulnerable students who have special educational needs, are targets of discrimination, and/or who are facing socioeconomic challenges;
  • getting involved as a tutor through Schools of Hope, Boys & Girls Club of Dane County, Centro Hispano, or other local organizations;
  • donating funds to Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools, a PTO for your neighborhood school, or a Donors Choose project for staff at your school;
  • and most importantly, sharing your time and talents by supporting the hopes and dreams of children and teachers in our community.

Thank you!